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Our Mission is to Offer Prompt and Accurate Guidance and Support On Your Canadian Immigration Process.

Antonio Sousa is a Registered Immigration Consultant of Canada since 2018. He started his career in Immigration in 2016, first as an assistant to another RCIC, a period during which he excelled on the profession, leading later to the role of office manager. In 2019 Mr. Sousa decided to open his own practice as he perceived a need for a more client-focused immigration service. ​


In May of 2019, he started New Future Immigration Services Ltd. with the purpose of applying what he learned working with so many diverse immigration cases to assist the community of Canadian immigrants which he proudly belongs to.

Mr. Sousa’s experience with immigration is wide and varied, ranging from tourism applications to Permanent Residence appeals and H&C cases, focusing mostly on LMIAs and Permanent Residence applications.

As the company grows, New Future Immigration Services Ltd. has expanded into Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby Metrotown.

We are a diversity focused team, giving equal opportunities to all.

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